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By now, everyone who gets even a glancing blow from our media knows what's happened at the University of Missouri. In short, a gaggle of really uninformed and childish "students" so mixed our First Amendment with bully totalitarianism that the University's President (obviously a man whose lack of backbone enabled him to slither his way off campus) elected to resign rather than stand up for what's right. The University will certainly be damaged by this activity; not only in its reputation (interestingly enough that reputation includes having one the premier journalism schools in the country), in being seen as a school real students will avoid and, not least of all, in sponsors and donors.

The following video is self-explanatory. These children are so far out of line that it's staggering. For example, one student says the besieged photographer for campus news (and freelancing for ESPN) and a student reporter by the way--are told they can't take photos or interview other students--of their little "encampment"/protest. When one of the young men reminds them that he has as much a First Amendment right to take photos on a public place under circumstances for which there can be no expectation of privacy, they escalated their attacks by blocking his shots, surrounding him, yelling at him and generally acting like a group of out-of-control toddlers.

Watch and bemoan  the state of higher education that is sweeping America. (I am, however, grateful these little cretins gave me an opportunity to actually use the word "bemoan"):

That harshly shrill voice, ironically, belongs to a very "progressive" media professor, Melissa Click, who has written about Lady GaGa's brave stance against--are you ready?--bullying! Prof. Melissa has now become a national object of scorn, mainly for her role in this absurd incident and for being the voice of "we need some muscle over here". 

These kids are in for a very disappointing future. Can you imagine them someday working and having to attend a course on leadership! The sheepish bleating will be deafening.

And now, thanks to blogger Bob Livingston's Personal Liberty Digest for having found it, we can see a very tongue-in-cheek scenario of what our educational future may devolve into if we continue on our current path. It comes from Australia and is simultaneously funny and frightening:





I’m not going to cut Social Security like every other Republican and I’m not going to cut Medicare or Medicaid. Every other Republican is going to cut, and even if they wouldn’t, they don’t know what to do because they don’t know where the money is. I do.

So speaketh the most frightening Presidential-candidate-straight-from-a-Stephen King-novel-about-a-crazed-man-who-manages-to-get-elected-and-brings-the-world-to-the-brink-of-destruction. Of course, that's none other than Donald Trump. He bloviates, he pontificates, he makes absurd "commitments", he pouts, he demeans. He somehow manages to embody every character trait that is hateful in human beings. I do NOT like him!

But even he must have some common sense and logic lurking beneath that other-wordly coif of his. Trump has announced--in a shameful batshit Bernie Sanders' manner--that we should simply ignore a major, looming crisis because HE has pronounced it solved.

Entitlements are growing at an alarming rate. They represent an expense that will cripple our economy and compel us to react, rather than confront the difficult choices and plan for the inevitable dilemma. And it is a very serious problem:


Over the next 8 years, commencing with the year in which our current President will have finished his 8 years of ignoring the issue, the growth in the major entitlement programs will be staggering. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that from 2014 to 2024 Social Security will have grown from $845 billion to $1,500 billion (+77%), Medicare from $603 billion to 1,038 billion (+72%) and the fastest growing of these, Medicaid, will grow from $305 billion to $570 billion (+82%).

In the face of these entitlements costing us an ADDITIONAL $1 TRILLION annually Trump’s “strategy” is to tell us that he, and only he, “knows where the money is”. So, he would have us believe that he will magically fix the waste, fraud and abuse that exists in these programs to make them sustainable forever.

This man is not fit to be President. He has almost no grasp of the limitations of his powers and the need to actually be honest and forthright in addressing the really hard issues confronting us.



There's a theme here, one which even the most myopic reader has by now grasped. The "progressive" media has become committed to advancing a position and moves increasingly further from the notion that accuracy and truth are THE standards to which true journalists adhere. What worries me about this trend is that respected news organizations like The Washington Post and New York Times are relying upon an old standard to wrap their journalism in a cloak of credibility which is no longer deserved. (I won't paint The Huffington Post with that same "lost standards" brush because it NEVER had it; it's been unreliable since day one.)

Now here comes the Times. In an editorial on October 30, 2014 (Why The Republican Tax Plans Won't Work) the Times contended that because all the GOP tax proposals, to one degree, involve tax reductions they can NOT work without generating deficits. And those deficits can only be closed by massive reductions to entitlement programs such as Medicare and Social Security. 

All of these candidates deny fiscal reality. In the next 10 years, revenues will need to increase by 40 percent simply to keep federal spending even, per capita, with inflation and population growth. Additional revenues will be needed to pay for health care for the elderly, transportation systems and other obligations, as well as for newer challenges, including climate change. And interest on the national debt will surely rise because interest rates have nowhere to go but up. 

Now, here's where the Times is wrong. And where a bit more fact checking and less focus on "increasing taxes on the wealthy objective" might actually help its journalistic integrity.

What the Times ignores is that even with no change our tax revenues will increase by almost 60% all on their own. Now, I hate to contradict the Times but this projection is straight from the Congressional Budget Office, as noted by The Tax Foundation in its recent rebuttal of the Times editorial. The reasons for this "automatic growth" is that our tax system is based on taxing of individuals and so population growth is implicit, as is inflation because our taxes are primarily income-based. The Tax Foundation also notes that the Times' estimates are inconsistent with the underlying projections of economists and demographers.

And so the message of all this, as it respects today's "reporting", needs to be VERIFY THEN  TRUST!



One of the Huffington Post's saggy "journalists", Mike Weisser, recently posted a piece condemning an NRA video which responded to President Obama's recent address to the nation's police chiefs. Weisser tied the NRA position to racism because in its video it showed a photo of a black man, labelled him a "thug" and wrongly identified him as the killer of a 9-year-old girl.

Not surprisingly, Weisser was wrong! In fact, the picture shown WAS that killer. When Weisser "realized" he was wrong--thanks to Colion Noir--he quickly edited his piece to make the mistake vanish. Yet, he kept to his conclusion that the NRA video was racist.

Colion Noir called Weisser out, in a very compelling video, which is well worth considering: